martes, 13 de octubre de 2009

Q & A with former Mexican President Vicente Fox

Before a crowd of engineers gathered in La Quinta, former Mexican President Vicente Fox took a range of questions on global issues. The following are excerpts from his responses:

What are your thoughts on legalizing drugs?

I'm for it. Why? Because it's not the government's responsibility to get our kids off drugs; it's our responsibility. It's the parents' responsibility and the kids or the citizens that do the drugs themselves. ... (Fox compared the issue to Prohibition). Those answers don't work. So I think that today we should open the debate. We should look for better answers.

What are your thoughts on the United States' presence in Afghanistan and the ongoing war that the nation is in with these foreign countries?

This was the key difference between me and President (George W.) Bush and the war in Iraq: I'm for multilateralism, not unilateralism. The United States pretends or keeps being the police of the world, (but) you only get in trouble. Everywhere you get in, you get in trouble.

Do you think outsourcing hurts or helps a country?

From what I see from President (Barack) Obama, I've read his books and I follow his campaign, and he doesn't believe in outsourcing. (But) you don't have to believe in outsourcing, you're forced to. Either you go to outsourcing, or not be competitive anymore. He thinks that NAFTA makes a net job loss for the United States, but that's not true. Trading increases jobs for both of the traders.


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